The former leader of the infamous group Ansar al-Islam, mullah Krekar, has received another boon to his credentials from Norwegian authorities. The economic investigation branch, Økokrim, has dropped his case on the ground that they found no criminal offence.

The investigating branch announced in June that the charge against Krekar for terrorism, and participating in an armed group, had been dropped, due to the circumstanses of the evidence. The only charge that re2_kommentared was a charge for racism, due to Krekars comments about Americans, a rather farfetched charge, all things considered.
Krekar’s highly offensive lawyer, Brynjar Meling, however, was not satisfied that the charges simply had been shelved due to the difficult circumstanses. His complaint has been honoured. Alle charges relating to terrorism and illegal, armed group have now been nullified since no incriminating evidence was found, according to Nettavisen TV 2.

The matter is not entirely closed however. Minister for communal affairs, Erna Solberg, refuses to drop the expulsion case against Krekar, on the grounds that he constitues a threat against national security. She claims she is not bound by the investigating branch, and will make her own evaluation on a free basis in due time. If necessary she is prepared to change the law.

Her resolute language is a far cry from the judicial authorities who have backtracked on Krekar ever since the case landed on their desk. One is left wondering what happened. There was talk of sending investigators to Northern Iraq, but the police refuses to confirm if that ever happened.

The question marks are many. Krekar has made no attempt to hide his support for the ressurection of the caliphate, and that jihad is the way to do it. He has never denounced the violent means of Ansar al-Islam, on the contrary. He has expressed understanding for muslims right to self defence.

Attorney General John Ashcroft raised the subjerct of mullah Krekar with the government when he visited Norway at the end of August. But he was told off by the Supreme Court, because of Americas death penalty and exceptions to the process of law for terror-suspects.

There is every reason to believe that the Krekar-case is a serious strain on the intelligence cooperation between the two countries, and ultimately may affect diplomatic relations.

Ansar al-Islam has been mentioned as one of the 2_kommentar suspects behind several of the most lethal bombs in Iraq, among others the one against the Canal Hotel, HQ for the United Nations in Baghdad.

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