Mullah Krekar, the former leader of the al-Qaida-affiliated grup, Ansar al-Islam, has published his memoirs in Norwegian. The publisher is the very same man who probably was shot by Iranian agents for publishing Salman Rushdie.

Mullah Krekar has gained notoriety in Norway. A poll recently showed that he has contributed to an increased resentment against immigrants among Norwegians.

He was recently granted a substantial sum by the Dutch government for the time he spent in custody last year.

The book, «In my own words», were presented at a press conference today. The daily Dagbladet had obtained a copy and could present the 2_kommentar features of the book:

-«In my own words» is a book where mullah Krekar on the one hand presents himselv as a devoted holy warrior and a man who hates what the West stands for, writes Dagbladet.

Krekar says he tried to obtain money from Osama bin Laden during a meeting in Peshawar, but at the time bin Laden was busy in Afghanistan. Krekar later tried to reach him through the Palestinian Abdullah Azzam, one of the founding fathers of Al-Qaida. Azzam was later mysteriously killed.

In his book Krekar distances himself from 911, and says the killing of innocents is not compatible with islamic faith.

But he admires Al-Qaidas spiritual guide, Sayyed Qutb. He has no qualms about the killing of Egypt’s president Anwar Sadat, and supports holy war, jihad. Krekar wants to see the caliphate restored and the puppetregimes in the Arab world toppled and replaced by jihadists.

This program is almost identical to Al-Qaida’s. Krekar has lately navigated so as not to compromise himself in public opinion. But the review of his book leaves no doubt where he stands. The Norwegian court system has dropped terrorist charges and the latest case against him was thrown out because the court found that the testimonies from Northern Iraq were obtained under duress.

Krekar’s book was written in Arabic, translated into Norwegian, and is published by Aschehoug, the publishing house owned and run by the Nygaard family. William Nygaard was shot and severly wounded at his home in 1994. Police has never solved the case, but it is a commonly held view that the killing-order came from Teheran. Nygaard published The Satanic Verses and was close to Rushdie at the time.