Mullah Krekar kjente en av grunnleggerne av Al Qaida, palestineren Abudullah Azzam, skriver den pakistanske avisen Daily News på lederplass.

Det er i forbindelse med en seremoni på Islamic University i Islamabad at avisen kommmenterer at dette universitetet for bare tre år siden sto for en salafist-retning innen islam, som går inn for jihad. Azzam var lærer på universitetet, og en av dem han hadde kontakt med var mullah Krekar, heter det.

The University has, in the past, inclined to the salafi brand of Islam because of the funding it received from the Arab world. There was a time when it served the jihad, as it was run by the United States and Saudi Arabia; then it served terrorism quite blatantly and had to be cleansed to make it suit the worldview of President Pervez Musharraf. Its students openly backed the cause of so-called «Islamic terrorism» and hung the portraits of such «heroes» as Osama bin Laden and Ramzi Yusuf in their hostel rooms. There was news in those days that Ramzi Yusuf had actually stayed in these rooms for some time. The trend began when «prince» Osama bin Laden was proudly brought to Peshawar to head the «private» jihad of an international Islamic brigade against the Soviet Union.

The story is told in The Road to Al Qaeda: The Story of Bin Laden’s Right-Hand Man by Montasser Al Zayyat, a member of the Gamaa Islamiyya of Egypt that had a hand in the killing of the Egyptian president, Anwar Sadat. After Al Zawahiri, the man who runs global terrorism for Osama bin Laden, left Egypt, he first went to Saudi Arabia and joined the King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah to be with two intellectual giants of jihad, Muhammad Qutb — the brother of Syed Qutb — and Abdullah Azzam, the inspiring Palestinian thinker. Al Zawahiri had already visited Afghanistan after the war there in 1980 and had worked at Seyyeda Zainab Hospital in Peshawar run by the Ikhwan. On his return in 1981, he was imprisoned for three years for the assassination of Sadat. In 1986, he had gone back to Afghanistan.

In Afghanistan, Al Zawahiri had to marry his plan of terrorism against Egypt with Osama bin Laden’s money and his wider confrontation. But Abdullah Azzam was already on top of things in Peshawar. (He was later murdered in Peshawar — by Al Zawahiri, according to Al Zayyat.) Azzam the strategist taught at Islamabad’s International Islamic University where he also met in the faculty Najmuddin Feraj alias Mulla Krekar the Kurd, because of whom Turkey went through a bad patch of relations with Pakistan. (Mulla Krekar is being investigated in Sweden. Sixteen of his Ansarul Islam Kurd terrorists were caught in Bursa, Turkey, on May 3, 2004, planning to blow up a NATO meeting the following month.) Author Zayyat also claims that Al Zawahiri, already a qualified physician, was «awarded» a PhD degree in surgery (sic!) in Pakistan. An Egyptian member of the faculty of the University angrily defended female circumcision on the pages of The Friday Times as shariah as late as 2002!

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