New Egyptian intelligence confirms that Dr. Ramzi Mawafi—better known as the late terrorist Osama bin Laden’s physician—is the leader of the so-called “Free Egyptian Army” that consists primarily of Islamic terrorists clustered all throughout the Sinai, and who have been responsible for the recent attacks on Egyptian soldiers, police, Christian Copts, and other targets, including the gas pipes, all in response to the ousting of Muhammad Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Sources also confirm that Mawafi is trying to transform the Sinai Peninsula to an “Islamic emirate” and turning his “Free Egyptian Army” into its jihadi wing to launch attacks on Egypt proper. Accordingly, he has been, for two and a half years—since being released from prison—rallying thousands of fellow jihadis, from Egypt and other countries, to the Sinai to form bases.

Mawafi was released from the Wadi Natrun prison on January 29—the same day and prison that now ousted president Muhammad Morsi was released from at the hands of Hamas. Moreover, early reports had indicated that Morsi was summoning jihadis, foreign and domestic, to congregate in the Sinai so as to come to his aid whenever needed—just as they are now.

Following these revelations that Mawafi is behind the Sinai upsurge, Egypt’s General Commander Sisi called for Mawafi’s head—“dead or alive.”