USA har hele tiden sagt at de pakistanske atomvåpnene er trygge. Nå viser det seg at Taliban ved tre anledninger har angrepet tre forskjellige baser hvor det lagres atomvåpen. Måten de ble gjennomført på, tyder ikke på ønske om å stjele bombene. Men det kan være tegn på at Taliban har kontakter i sikkerhetsapparatet som gjør at de vet hvor våpnene finnes. Det i seg selv er foruroligende.

Da Pakistan anla atomanleggene gjorde de det ut fra ønsket om å ligge lengst unna India. Derfor ligger de fleste anlegg i nord og nordvest, dvs. tett inn på områder som idag kontrolleres av Taliban.

In a little-noticed article published last month in a West Point counterterrorism journal, a British academic pointed out that while the world waits for the kind of global public announcement of doomsday that would come from a Bond villain, Islamist militants in Pakistan have quietly launched at least three attacks in the past two years on military bases that may contain nuclear weapons.

As Peter Bergen noted on Monday in a post on Foreign Policy’s AfPak Channel blog, Shaun Gregory, an expert on Pakistani security at Bradford University in England, wrote in the July issue of a West Point publication called The CTC Sentinel that while Pakistan’s military shrouds the location of their nuclear facilities in secrecy, Islamist militants with ties to the country’s intelligence community have demonstrated that «they have good intelligence about the movement of security personnel,» including military, intelligence and police forces, «all of whom have been routinely targeted.» Mr. Gregory adds:

A series of attacks on nuclear weapons facilities has also occurred. These have included an attack on the nuclear missile storage facility at Sargodha on November 1, 2007, an attack on Pakistan’s nuclear airbase at Kamra by a suicide bomber on December 10, 2007, and perhaps most significantly the August 20, 2008 attack when Pakistani Taliban suicide bombers blew up several entry points to one of the armament complexes at the Wah cantonment, considered one of Pakistan’s main nuclear weapons assembly sites.

Have Pakistani Nuclear Facilities Already Been Attacked?