Det er tydelig at Al Qaida tar Barack Obamas tale til muslimer alvorlig. Osama bin Laden angrep Obama for den pakistanske hærens fremstøt i Swat-dalen og sa USA kom til å angre.

Bin Laden appellerer til pakistanernes nasjonal-religiøse følelser, for han sier det er USA, jøder og India som står bak krigen i Swat. President Asif Zaradari og hærsjefen selger ut landet og den islamske umma, og India kommer til å plukke løs den ene delstaten etter den andre, akkurat som med Bangladesh, sier bin Laden.

Han kommer også inn på 9/11, og sier at de 19 som gjennomførte aksjonen ikke personlig hadde opplevd bomber og granater, og likevel gikk de til angrep. Hvor hardt vil ikke dagens ofre reagerer når de får anledning? (Hvordan leser 9/11-revisjonister slike taler?)

«…by ordering Zardari and his army to prevent the people of Swat Valley from instating Islamic law, by means of killing, fighting, bombing, and destruction. This led about one million Muslims – women, children, and the elderly – to flee their villages and their homes, and they have become homeless refugees living in tents, after having led honorable lives in their homes.
«This simply means that Obama and his administration have sown new seeds that will increase hatred and vengeance towards America. These seeds are as many as the number of refugees from Swat Valley and the tribal areas in north and south Waziristan, as well as the number of their sympathizers. By this, Obama is following in the footsteps of his predecessor, increasing the enmity of the Muslims, as well as the number of fighting enemies, and initiating prolonged wars. The American people should prepare to continue to reap what the leaders of the White House are sowing, in the years and decades to come…
«Asif Zardari and Ashfaq Kayani have continued to divert the [Pakistani] army from its main missions – the defense of Islam, its followers, and its land. They have pushed the army to fight Islam and its followers. They have directed it to fight and kill the Pashtun and Baloch tribes. Most of the Pakistani people reject this oppressive war. Zardari did this in response to the people who pay him in the White House – not 10%, but many times more.
«This is high treason against the [Islamic] nation. I’m not just saying that in this war of his, he has exposed the economy of Pakistan to the danger of collapse. There is something even more important and dangerous. In this war of his, he is jeopardizing the religion, security, and unity of the people of Pakistan, by implementing an American, Jewish, Indian conspiracy. Thus, it is easier for India to bring the disintegrating Pakistani provinces, one after the other, under its influence, just like in the case of the former East Pakistan, or even worse. This will alleviate the American concerns about the Pakistani nuclear weapons, and India will join it in its fight against the mujahideen…
«I would like to address a few words to America. Some reasonable and just people in research centers there may deduce from this what leads people to fight America and take revenge upon it, while what I say is completely ignored by those agents of the large corporations in the White House. I say that the free men who carried out 9/11 had not tasted the bitterness of being driven from their homes and their lands, to be sheltered by tents and beg for food. But these 19 men heard that this oppression was the lot of their brothers in Palestine, at the hand of the Zionists, using American weapons. Therefore, they left their schools and their universities, at the first opportunity to support the oppressed over there, and to punish the oppressors in America. So how would they have acted if they had indeed suffered these catastrophes?»

Nestleder Ayman al-Zawahiri hadde også noen velvalgte ord for presidenten.

In his message, Al-Zawahiri states that Obama, a «global criminal» and «the chief of the oppressors,» does not need to come to Egypt in order to make his address to the Muslims, which will be nothing but empty slogans, because his true messages have already reached the Muslims. These messages were reflected in the following acts: his visit to the Western Wall in Jerusalem prior to being elected president; his promise, in his speech to AIPAC, that Jerusalem would remain the united capital of Israel forever; his sanction of Israel’s aggression against Gaza; his threat to send more troops to Afghanistan and to step up the bombing of the tribal areas in Pakistan; and his refusal to send an American delegation to the anti-racism conference in Geneva.

Al-Zawahiri adds that Obama’s decision to address the Muslims from Turkey and Egypt in itself carries a clear message to the Muslims – namely that the U.S. prefers those who stray from Islam and recognize secularism, and supports the corrupt and tyrannical regimes that collaborate with it.

Al-Zawahiri concludes that while Obama might be warmly welcomed by his corrupt slaves who enjoy his support, the free people of Egypt will reject him and his policy, and will regard him as a global criminal who is serving the Zionist plan.

I begge tilfeller er det tydelig at Al Qaida tar Obama alvorlig. De frykter hans innflytelse.

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