Den pakistanske avisen The Dawn kan fortelle at de pakistanske soldatene deler ut flyveblader under fremrykkingen i Swat-dalen.

Pakistani soldiers gave out pamphlets accusing the Taliban of playing into the hands of so-called anti-Pakistan elements. «They are the same as Jewish forces who are against the existence and security of the country and wanted to create disturbance in the region,» read a leaflet, according to a report in Dawn, a prominent Pakistani newspaper.

Man må spørre: Med slike venner … hvem trenger fiender?

En uttalelse fra en kvinne som måtte flykte, tenderer i samme retning.

Refugees arriving Friday in Mardan had few kind words for the Taliban militants or their own government. One Pakistani woman, stepping from her tent in a camp at the outskirts of the city, said the fighting had succeeded only in ruining the lives of people with no hand in the conflict.

«We have nothing,» the woman said, standing amid a sea of other refugees. She arrived Friday with eight relatives. «We have no blankets and no food. The government is bombing us from the mountains, and the Taliban is shooting at us from the city.

«The army and the Taliban are not killing each other — they are friends,» the woman said. «They are only killing civilians. When civilians are killed, the government says they have killed a bunch of terrorists.»

Pakistan Pounds Taliban, Swelling Tide of Refugees