En talsmann for Pakistans Taliban sier de først skal tukte den pakistanske hæren, og så befri Kashmir og gå løs på India. Talsmannen sier de har trent 3.000 selvmordsbombere, og de er ment for India.

At Taliban skulle kunne overvinne India er selvsagt det rene tøv, men målsetningen sier likevel noe om strategien: målet er å vinne kontroll over Pakistan, og det er langt mer realistisk, ikke minst fordi Pakistan er et hus i splid med seg selv.

The Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan has declared it is training terrorists to launch an attack on India.

The TTP is the Pakistan counterpart of Afghanistan’s Taliban and has been blamed for several terror attacks in that country.

TTP spokesperson Azam Tariq told this correspondent in a telephone interview that the TTP has vowed to capture «Hindustan».

«India is our jageer (domain),» Tariq said, «and we will attack to take possession of it. We are training lots of fighters and suicide bombers who will be used for this purpose.»

He added the Taliban would fight a «decisive’ battle» in India before proceeding towards the Middle East, presumably to evict Israel from that region.

After taking control of Pakistan and Afghanistan, the TTP spokesperson said the Taliban would move towards India.

Tariq said Islamic scriptures have predicted a victory over «non-believers».

«For us, whether they are Hindus or Jews, they all are the same. Soon, we will teach India a lesson. India’s defeat at the hands of the mujahedeen is written in our religious books,» he boasted.
«If Pakistan changes its anti-Taliban policies, not only can the mujahedeen free Kashmir from India, but can also capture India itself,» Tariq declared.

When asked how the TTP is preparing for its declared onslaught against India, Tariq claimed, «We are preparing fighters to attack India. Sooner or later, when there is no tussle between the Pakistani forces and us, or after we defeat the Pakistani forces, the mujahideen will move towards Hindustan.»

«There are around 3,000 trained suicide bombers with the TTP. Others are undergoing training. We are not preparing them for Pakistan, but for our real target — the occupation of India,» Tariq said.

3,000 terrorists for India battle: Pak Taliban

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