Hillary Clinton møtte massiv motstand i Pakistan. USAs krig er ikke Pakistans krig, var referenget. Tvert om: USA gjør med sine aksjoner og sitt press tingene verre. Taliban hevdet at det var Blackwater som sto bak megabomben i Peshawar, og folk tror dem.

Prominent women and tribesmen from the North West Frontier Province delivered the same hostile message that she’d heard the two preceding days from students and journalists: Pakistanis aren’t ready to endorse American friendship despite an eight-year-old anti-terrorism alliance between the countries and a multi-billion-dollar new U.S. aid package.

Clinton put her case directly to the public Friday in televised appearances in Islamabad , the Pakistani capital, fielding angry questions about the alleged activities of U.S. contractor Blackwater in Pakistan , the tough conditions that came with a $1.5 billion -a-year American aid package and alleged U.S. favoritism toward Pakistan’s archenemy, India .

One tribesman bluntly told her: «Your presence in the region is not good for peace.»

«We are fighting a war that is imposed on us. It’s not our war. It is your war,» journalist Asma Shirazi told Clinton during the women’s meeting. «You had one 9-11. We are having daily 9-11s in Pakistan .»
«The problem is that we want American dollars but we, as a country, hate Americans,» Abida Hussain , a former Pakistani ambassador to Washington , told McClatchy . «We’re not perfect, but we want the Americans to be perfect.»

While Pakistanis are opposed to religious extremists, polls have shown a general refusal to acknowledge that al Qaida and its allies are directing the bloodshed.

Many ordinary people appear willing to believe a claim that the Pakistani Taliban made Friday that Blackwater had carried out a devastating car bombing of a market this week in the northwestern city of Peshawar that killed more than 100 people. Pakistani officials previously had pinned the blame on Islamic militants.

En målestokk på stemningen var den fiendtlige kritikken av amerikanske droner. Til tross for at USA drepte Talibans leder, Beitullah Messudh, som ble regnet for landets farligste fiende, ble også dette utlagt som en negativ handling.

Regjeringen fordømmer også droneangrep og sier ingenting om at angrepene skjer i full forståelse med pakistanske militære. Derved fremstår dronene som amerikanske overgrep og brudd på landets suverenitet.

he highly emotional criticism of the drones continues despite the fact that a strike in August killed the leader of Pakistan’s Taliban movement, the country’s declared public enemy number one. Islamabad routinely protests the strikes, even though the Pakistani military secretly co-operates with them. Pakistani officials are unwilling to explain the rationale; the government here rarely defends the American relationship.

Clinton: ‘We’re not getting through’ to Pakistanis