Irans øverste leder Ali Khamenei ga en skrape til de som arbeider for en modernisering av islamsk lov slik at kvinner får større rettigheter. De er på ville veier, mente Khamenei.

Det finnes en feministisk bevegelse i Iran som arbeider for større rettigheter, men Khamenei signaliserte at de oppfattes som en trussel. En ung kvinne som deltok i en ikke-godkjent demonstrasjon ifjor ble tirsdag dømt til 34 måneders fengsel og ti piskeslag. Hun er den fjerde i rekken.

Khamenei setter med sine uttalelser ned foten for håpet om reformer.

Activists should not try to change Islamic laws relating to women’s rights, Iran’s supreme leader said on Wednesday, two days after one campaigner was reportedly sentenced to 34 months in jail and ten lashes.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, also lambasted the West for using women as a tool to advertise products, make money and to satisfy «disorderly and unlawful sexual needs,» state television said.

He was addressing a group of women, most dressed conservatively in head-to-toe black chadors, in Tehran ahead of Thursday’s anniversary of the birth of Prophet Mohammad’s daughter, Fatima, when Iran honors mothers and women.
«We are witnessing in our country that some women activists and some men are trying to play with Islamic laws … in order to harmonize them with international conventions related to women,» Khamenei said. «This is wrong.»

«They shouldn’t see the solution in changing Islamic jurisprudence laws,» Khamenei, Iran’s highest authority, was quoted as saying.

But he indicated some Islamic rules regarding women could change if jurisprudence research led to a new understanding, state television said.

Det er en merkbar tendens i Irak til å slå ned på alle former for opposisjonelle eller dissentere.

On Monday, an Iranian court sentenced a women’s rights activist to almost three years in jail and 10 lashes for attending a banned rally, her lawyer said on Tuesday.

Lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh said Delaram Ali, 24, was her fourth client to be convicted over last year’s protest in favor of female rights. She said the sentence would be appealed and that Ali was free on bail.

Rights activists and Western diplomats say Iran is taking a tougher line against dissent in general, possibly in response to increased international pressure over its disputed nuclear activities. Pro-reform students, intellectuals and labor movement figures are also among those targeted, they say.

Don’t «play» with Islamic law, Iranian women told