Sakset/Fra hofta

De konservatives leder David Cameron var på et 24 timers besøk hos en muslimsk familie i Birmingham og ble sjokkert over noen av spørsmålene han fikk under et moske-besøk. Han sa folk lever i forskjellige verdener. Det bor 140.000 muslimer i Birmingham.

In May, David Cameron, the Conservative leader, spoke of a «growing problem of cultural separatism» between the white and Muslim communities, after he spent 24 hours with a family in a largely Muslim suburb of the city.

Mr Cameron said that, while visiting a Birmingham mosque, he had been asked «some depressing questions about who was really responsible for 9/11 and even 7/7 – that it was a CIA plot; that Jews had been told to leave the twin towers».

The extent to which young Muslims are becoming radicalised, and the speed at which it can happen, have caused alarm. MI5 is aware of 1,700 terrorist suspects active in Britain. Peter Clarke, the Metropolitan Police deputy assistant commissioner, spoke before the London attacks of a «very, very concerning intelligence picture».

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