De kon­ser­va­ti­ves leder David Came­ron var på et 24 timers besøk hos en mus­limsk fami­lie i Bir­ming­ham og ble sjok­kert over noen av spørs­må­lene han fikk under et moske-besøk. Han sa folk lever i for­skjel­lige ver­de­ner. Det bor 140.000 mus­li­mer i Bir­ming­ham.

In May, David Came­ron, the Con­ser­va­tive lea­der, spoke of a “growing pro­blem of cul­tural sepa­ra­tism” between the white and Mus­lim com­mu­nities, after he spent 24 hours with a family in a largely Mus­lim suburb of the city.

Mr Came­ron said that, while visi­ting a Bir­ming­ham mos­que, he had been asked “some depres­sing ques­tions about who was really respon­s­ible for 9/11 and even 7/7 – that it was a CIA plot; that Jews had been told to leave the twin tow­ers”.


The extent to which young Mus­lims are becoming radi­ca­lised, and the speed at which it can hap­pen, have cau­sed alarm. MI5 is aware of 1,700 ter­ro­rist sus­pects active in Bri­tain. Peter Clarke, the Metro­po­li­tan Police deputy assi­stant com­mis­sio­ner, spoke before the Lon­don attacks of a “very, very con­cer­ning intel­li­gence pic­ture”.

Botched Lon­don plot leaves ‘gold mine’ of clues

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