Amerikanerne har rullet opp en sunnimuslimsk bande som har stått bak en rekke bilbomber mot shiaer. En regner med de har over 900 drepte på samvittigheten.

Leaders of a car-bombing ring believed responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Iraqis in the Shiite Sadr City enclave and elsewhere in Baghdad have been captured, the U.S. military said on Monday.

The suspected bombers were rounded up last week by American forces during continuing security sweeps in Azamiyah, the Sunni stronghold in northern Baghdad, the military statement said.

The U.S. command said one of the detained men, Haitham al-Shimari, was suspected in the «planning and execution of the majority of car bombs which have killed hundreds of Iraqi citizens in Sadr City.»

The reported «second-in-command» of the Azamiyah-based cell, Haidar al-Jafar, was arrested the same day. The military said that group had «killed approximately 900 innocent Iraqi citizens» and wounded 1,950.

leaders of Iraq car-bombing ring nabbed

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