Iran vil ha satt i gang industriell anrikring av uran innen seks til tolv måneder, sier IAEAs leder Mohamed El-Baradei.

Iran has mastered crucial nuclear technology since August and could be as little as six months away from being able to enrich uranium on an industrial scale, the United Nations’ chief nuclear watchdog warned on Monday.

In an interview with the Financial Times, Mohamed ElBaradei, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, said Tehran was overwhelmingly likely to miss a UN deadline on Wednesday to suspend enrichment, which can produce both nuclear fuel and weapons grade material.

Mr ElBaradei said Iran had now acquired important technical know-how from running its pilot nuclear programme, and that there there was no going back. «You cannot bomb knowledge,» he said.

Men hvis ElBaradei med det mener at man ikke kan hindre Iran i å skaffe seg atomvåpen fordi det nå besitter kunnskapen, er det et høyst omstridt synspunkt. Både Israel og USA har uttalt at de ikke vil akseptere at Iran får atomvåpen.

Iran nears industrial N-fuel production