Irans provoserende avvisning av EUs forhandlingsløsning, og gjenopptakelsen av uran-behandlingen i Isfahan, er ikke enkeltstående hendelser, men uttrykk for en systematisk politikk. Regimet bygger en tungtvannsreaktor, og det arbeidet har pågått hele tiden. Reaktoren skal stå ferdig om fire år.

Reaktoren bygges ved Khondab, nordvest for Arak. EU ba om at arbeidet blir skrinlagt. En tungtvannsreaktor kan gi Irak plutonium, nok til en atombombe i året.

The head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization called the heavy-water reactor offer a «joke.»

«We have developed this capability. The heavy-water project today is a reality,» Gholamreza Aghazadeh, who is also vice president, said on state-run television. «This knowledge belongs to Iran. Nobody can take it from us. As they (Europeans) see Iran’s determination, they will be forced to show flexibility and accept it.»

While Iran has agreed to suspend parts of its uranium program as a gesture in negotiations with Europe, it has repeatedly rejected European calls for it to freeze the heavy-water project, which is moving full steam ahead.

«Work has not been halted there even for a day, allowing Iran to constantly advance its heavy-water project,» lawmaker Rasoul Sediqi Bonabi told The Associated Press on Friday. Bonabi, a nuclear scientist, said Iran developed the plant because the world would not give it «a drop of heavy water.» (ap)

Styret i IAEA vedtok torsdag en uttalelse som ba Iran stanse anrikingen av uran. Det er berammet et nytt møte 3. september, der IAEAs leder, Mohamed ElBaradei skal fremlegge en statusrapport.

Intet tyder på at Iran vil stanse de første skritt mot anriking av uran, som har begynt ved Isfahan.

The Iranian representative at the talks, Cyrus Nasseri, called the resolution «absurd.»

He told the board members gathered in the United Nations complex that Iran would not suspend its uranium converting activities and that it questioned the authority of the agency to tell it to stop.

«Iran will not bend,» Mr. Nasseri said. «Iran will be a nuclear fuel producer and supplier within a decade.»

He referred to American suspicions that Iran planned to make nuclear arms as a sense of «déjà vu.»

«Iran is not Iraq,» he said. «And the United States is not that self-appointed policeman of the world anymore.»(nytimes)