Nederlandske myndigheter, både sentralt og lokalt, aner ikke hva som foregår blant ungdommen, særlig ikke den med innvandrerbakgrunn, som utgtjør rundt halvparten av alle under 18 i storbyer som Rotterdam og Amsterdam.

Det konkluderer de etniske intervensjonsteamene som ble opprettet etter at Theo van Gogh ble drept for drøyt to år siden.

Dick Corporaal, the coordinating president of the intervention teams, told Dutch national radio on Wednesday that «multicultural tensions between youths threaten to lead to an uncontrollable situation.» He warned that the problem is not restricted to cities but is also beginning to affect towns in the more rural areas. «The municipal authorities have no idea about what is going on,» Corporaal said about the rising tension. He advised the government to devote more funds to youth work and to increase the number of intervention teams. He also accused the local authorities of treating all troublesome youths similarly, while according to him different approaches are needed when confronting the various groups: Moroccans, Antilleans, Turks and «Lonsdale youths» [The latter are indigenous Dutch hooligans]. Corporaal also emphasized that each ethnic group itself is not homogeneous and should not be dealt with as such.

Fordi europeiske myndigheter kjenner kodene til ytterliggående høyreorienterte, er det lett å slå ned på dem. Bevegelser blant muslimske miljøer er langt vanskeligere: man kvier seg for å gripe inn rett og slett.

The official Dutch worries about rising hostility in immigrant communities towards the hitherto predominant culture in the Netherlands are also discernible in the fifth annual report of Tjibbe Joustra, the National Anti-Terrorism Coordinator. Late last month the government submitted the report to the Dutch Parliament. Joustra writes that he is especially worried about the rise in so-called «living room marriages» (informal Islamist weddings conducted at home). This phenomenon is «more widespread» than previously thought, the report says. Last week Joustra’s spokesman said «We knew these weddings occurred in certain circles, but we have indications that they are also on the rise elsewhere.» He referred to a growing group of underage Dutch girls, 16 or 17 years old, who convert to Islam in order to marry young Muslim men with whom they have fallen in love. «The women get isolated from their families. The isolation leads to radicalization.» The report of the National Anti-Terrorism Coordinator says there were a number of «living room marriages» within the Hofstad Group, the circle around Mohammed Bouyeri, Theo van Gogh’s assassin.

Joustra’s report sees the rise of «living room marriages» as one of many indications of the growth of radical Islamism, especially Salafism, in the Netherlands. According to Joustra Salafists are very active among youth groups in the main Dutch cities, but also increasingly in other parts of the country. «We are aware now that young people can radicalize very fast,» Joustra’s spokesman said. «This can happen within a couple of months.»

Fingers in the Dyke: Dutch Fear Rising Ethnic Tensions

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