Nicholas Kristof skriver i dag fra Tsjad, for konflikten mellom arabisk Janjaweed-milits og afrikanskættede er i ferd med å gjenta seg, og styrkeforholdet er like skjevt og blodig.

«If I had a gun,» Ismail Hassan said venomously from his hospital bed, «I would shoot Arabs.»

«Surely not women and children?» I remonstrated.

«Every one of them,» Ismail snarled.

Ismail is a 15-year-old boy, and that conversation underscores how Chad is falling off a cliff, with escalating hatreds, violence and insecurity. He is a member of one of the black African tribes now being hunted down by the Sudanese-sponsored janjaweed Arab militia, at first in Darfur alone and now in Chad as well.

After the janjaweed attacked his village and shot his father, Ismail raced forward to cover his father’s body with his own. That courage didn’t move the janjaweed, who simply shot Ismail as well.

The genocide that started in Darfur in 2003 is now threatening to topple the governments of Chad and the Central African Republic. If these two countries collapse into chaos and civil war for years to come, then neighboring countries like Cameroon and Niger will be threatened as well — and the death toll triggered by the Darfur genocide will eventually number in the millions.

«We consider them our enemies and they consider us their enemies,» said Brahim Wadia, the patriarch of a group of Arabs who were grazing their cattle on what had been a black African farm. «So each side will shoot the other and kill the other.»

Mr. Brahim and most members of his entourage were light-skinned, and they were civil to me (considering it white solidarity?). But that same morning nearby, several black Africans who tried to recover food from their burned and abandoned village were shot dead.

One person in Mr. Brahim’s party was a boy of about 13 with black skin who looked unlike the others. He appeared physically unable to speak, and it wasn’t clear if he had been hired as a herdsman or captured in a raid and enslaved.

Hvorfor tok ikke Bush opp Tsjad under toppmøtet i Vietnam, hvorfor la han ikke turen innom Kairo for å legge press på Egypt, som kan spille en viktig rolle? For ikke å snakke om Kina som forsyner Janjaweed og Khartoum med våpen, skriver Kristof.