An Islamic cleric who influenced at least one of the 7 July bombers and whose videos may have been seen by several of the terror suspects arrested earlier this month, is to be freed from prison in weeks.
Sheikh Abdullah el-Faisal encouraged Muslims to attend training camps so they could wage jihad on the West. He was jailed in February 2003 for nine years, reduced to seven on appeal, after being convicted of soliciting murder and inciting racial hatred. Hundreds of Muslims attended his lectures in mosques across Britain, including Birmingham, London and Dewsbury in West Yorkshire.

His trial heard recordings of el-Faisal, Jamaican by birth but living in Stratford, east London, praising Osama bin Laden. ‘You have to learn how to shoot and fly planes and drive tanks,’ el-Faisal told those who attended his lectures. ‘Jews,’ el-Faisal said, ‘should be killed… as by Hitler.’

He encouraged the use of chemical weapons to ‘exterminate non-believers’, and exhorted Muslim women to buy toy guns for their children to train them for jihad. He also suggested that nuclear power stations could be fuelled with bodies of Hindus, slaughtered for their ‘oppression’ of Muslims in Kashmir.

Cleric who urged jihad to be freed from prison