Det store usikkerhetsmomentet for Israel i en vedvarende åpen konflikt er landets 1,5 millioner palestinere. De holder vanligvis en lav profil, men i nord er flere drept av Katusja-raketter. Hvem er de sinte på?

The anger among Israel’s Arabs in the north rises every day and with every Arab victim. Yesterday the coffins of the two young victims were carried by young men who were very angry indeed. They chanted, «There is no God but Allah, the shaheed [martyr] is God’s favorite.» The chant changed only once, to «There is no God but Allah, Israel is God’s enemy,» but others immediately drowned them out and the coffin-bearers continued to run.
The television remotes are working overtime these days. The televisions are on in every Arab home in the Galilee. On Al Jazeera or the Lebanese stations, things look different. «The longer it continues the greater the anger. You can’t ignore the images, the sounds. What do you mean, where is the anger directed? At Israel, of course,» a Dir Assad resident said yesterday.

He says anyone watching the Arab channels gets a very different picture from that seen on the Israeli channels. While the Israeli channels depict a difficult but just war, the Arab satellite stations show constant attacks against civilians. The number of bodies seen on the screens every hour could change someone’s opinion of the justness of this war, and Israel is viewed as the instigator.

Al Jazeera og Al Arabiya er opplagt en viktig faktor i å mobilisere vanlige folk, mot Israel, mot Vesten. Bildene opphisser, men forklarer ingenting. Den samme virkningen ser vi også blant deler av vestlig opinion. Den som mener at «vi» har en rett til å vurdere Israel, vår «baby», og kreve noe av dem.

Arab citizens directing anger at Israel as frustration mounts with each new death