Kina holder en beskyttende hånd over regimet i Khartoum. Det er andre gang på tre tiår at Kina beskytter et folkemordregime. Det første var Pol Pot.

China is now underwriting its second genocide in three decades. The first was in Pol Pot’s Cambodia, and the second is in Darfur, Sudan. Chinese oil purchases have financed Sudan’s pillage of Darfur, Chinese-made AK-47’s have been the main weapons used to slaughter several hundred thousand people in Darfur so far, and China has protected Sudan in the U.N. Security Council.

Indeed, it’s because of China’s support that Sudan felt it could get away this month with sending a proxy army to invade neighboring Chad.

Grunnen er olje. Kina kom sent på markdet, og inngår avtaler med de verste regimene: Iran, Myanmar, Sudan.

Den arabiske Liga er en vits. Den holdt nylig et møte i Khartoum. Arabiske medier lar også folkemordet skje. De er mindre opptatt av at muslimer drepes i titusentall enn tegningene i Jyllands-Posten.

Then there’s the Arab League, which met last month in Sudan, in effect legitimizing the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Muslims (almost all the victims in Darfur are Muslim).

As Fatema Abdul Rasul wrote in The Daily Star of Lebanon this month: «For the entire Muslim and Arab world to remain silent when thousands of people in Darfur continue to be killed is shameful and hypocritical.» Do you hear that, Hosni?

And where’s the Arab press? Isn’t the murder of 300,000 or more Muslims almost as offensive as a Danish cartoon?

China and Sudan, Blood and Oil
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