Hvis Khomeinis fatwa var blitt fulgt og Salman Rushdie var blitt drept, hadde vi ikke hatt dette tullet med profet-tegningene, sier generalsekretæren for Hizbollah i Libanon, Hassan Nasrallah.

«If any Muslim had carried out the fatwa of Imam Khomeini against the apostate Salman Rushdie, those despicable people would not have dared to insult the Prophet Muhammad – not in Denmark, not in Norway, and not in France.

«What is this solidarity campaign all about? We are supposed to summon the ambassador, and that’s it? We are supposed to boycott Danish goods, and that’s it? No. I call upon the Muslim jurisprudents, the Muslim religious scholars, the leaders of the Islamic movements, the leaders of the Islamic countries, and all the Muslims to take a decisive stand. If we tolerate this now, only God knows what they will do later – just like the tolerance practiced with Salman Rushdie, and the carrying out of the fatwa.

«Today, we need to take a different position regarding Denmark, if it doesn’t take care of this matter, and regarding Norway, if it does not take care of this matter, and regarding France, if it does not take care of this matter. On this matter, we are not Lebanese, Syrians, Palestinians, Egyptians, Saudis, Malaysians, or Indonesians. This is about the Prophet of the Muslims, the Prophet of 1.4 billion Muslims. I am certain that not only millions but hundreds of millions of Muslims are ready and willing to sacrifice their lives in order to defend the honor of their Prophet. And you are among them.»

Hizbullah Leader Nasrallah: Implementing Khomeini’s Fatwa against Salman Rushdie Would Have Prevented Current Insults to Prophet Muhammad;

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