Da presset mot Salman Rushdie var som sterkest var det flere muslimske representanter i Storbritannia som åpent gikk inn for hans død. Nå gjør Anjem Choudary det samme med Sebastian Faulks. Hvor er nå de som ellers fremhever at ytringsfriheten må brukes hensynsfullt og under ansvar?

Med sine provoserende utspill får Choudary demonstrert at han kan utnytte ytringsfriheten til å true forfattere og kunstnere til taushet. Dermed har han drept flere fluer med ett slag, for han viser at han gir blaffen i andres ytringsfrihet, samtidig som han bruker den til å ødelegge den. Det er samme taktikk som nazistene benyttet.

Choudary minner om en skinhead som står og sparker inn ansiktet på demokratiet, og han nyter det.

Although the bestselling author has since apologised, Islam4UK a radical group associated with Choudary and his mentor, the banned cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed, posted an article on its website entitled, «Sebastian Faulks on a Death Wish?»

The father of three, who sits as a judge in the London Sharia court and wants the «flag of Allah» flying over Downing Street, went further.

He said the murder of Dutch film director Theo van Gogh, who was killed by a Muslim extremist in 2004 after criticising Islam, should serve as a warning.

«Mr Faulks was extremely naïve for what he said and it could have some grave consequence for him,» he said.

«He’s not the first person to insult the Prophet. You can see with Theo van Gogh and Salman Rushdie and whole host of other people that it does have those consequences.

«There are many people out there who do like to take things into their own hands.

«Someone like this needs to be assessed in an Islamic court of law and if he’s found guilty then there would be capital punishment.

«It would have to be assessed by an Islamic judge, but that could only happen in an Islamic state where the Sharia is implemented.

«The Sharia court that I does not deal with things like this though. We don’t have anywhere in the world that would deal with anywhere like this yet.

«Just as we chopping the hand off a thief and stoning the adulterer, we have for the one who insults the Prophet the death penalty.»

Last night, Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens, of the Centre for Social Cohesion, said: «Choudary and his followers are seeking to impose their will on the population of this country through subversion and incitement to violence.

«Their latest veiled threats to Sebasitan Faulks serve to provide us with yet another example of the extremist threat posed by this organisation.

«The weakness of Choudary’s fascist ideology could not be better illustrated than by his inability to provide an intellectual response to criticism, instead resorting to veiled threats and intimidation.»

However, Birdsong author Mr Faulks declined to comment. His spokeswoman said: «He apologises if his comments about the Koran have offended Muslims.»