En muslimsk gruppe planla å drepe Australias statsminiser John Howard, angripe en fotballstadion eller en togstasjon for å gjøre maksimal skade. Alt som ledd i det de oppfatter som en religiøs krig i Australia.

TWO Melbourne terror suspects discussed killing John Howard and his family, launching a large-scale attack at a football game and causing carnage at a train station as part of a religious war in Australia.

In a series of chilling conversations caught on police listening devices and revealed yesterday, self-styled Muslim cleric Abdul Nacer Benbrika, 46, and 20-year-old Abdulla Merhi discussed the terror plot as payback for the deaths of Muslims.

«For example, if John Howard kills innocent Muslim families do we … do we have to kill him and his family … (and) his people, like at the football?» asked Mr Merhi. Mr Benbrika allegedly replied: «If they kill our kids, we kill little kids.»

«We send a message back to them,» Mr Merhi allegedly said.

«That’s it, an eye for an eye,» Mr Benbrika replied.

The conversations, recorded on September 24, were played to the Melbourne Magistrates Court during the unsuccessful bail applications of two of the accused men who were charged after last month’s early-morning anti-terror raids in Melbourne.

The prosecution alleged that Mr Merhi went to see Mr Benbrika to seek the cleric’s advice on whether it was best to «bring jihad» here or overseas.

Police taped terror plot to kill Howard