Scott Burgess og Daily Ablution melder at en av Guardians redaktører har trukket seg som følge av Sassygate: Guardians journalistlærling Aslam som viste seg å være medlem av den ekstreme islamstorganisasjonen Hizbu ut-Tahrir.

Last night I was informed by a journalist that Albert Scardino, the Guardian’s executive editor for news, has resigned as a direct result of Sassygate. My impression from that source’s report is that his position had become untenable because of the split between Mr. Aslam’s supporters and those who wanted him fired (the latter including, to his credit, Ian «Clark County» Katz).

According to that source, Alan Rusbridger has conceded that the Aslam affair and its internal repercussions constitute a significant crisis for the paper.

Today a second source, with close connections to the Guardian, has independently confirmed Mr. Scardino’s resignation. This person also cites the Aslam situation as the primary factor.

Breaking: Guardian Editor Quits Over Sassygate

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