A Serbian army general, Vladimir Lazarevic, has surrendered and will go to the UN war crimes tribunal in The Hague next week to face charges. Mr Lazarevic is one of four generals indicted 15 months ago in connection with war crimes in Kosovo in 1999.
His surrender was announced by the Serbian government on Friday.
The indictment says he and three other Serbian generals «planned, instigated, ordered, committed» crimes against Kosovo Albanians during Belgrade’s campaign against separatist guerrillas.The indictment says forces under their command «murdered hundreds of Kosovo Albanian civilians» in a «deliberate and widespread or systematic campaign of terror and violence».

The violence resulted «in the forced deportation of approximately 800,000 Kosovo Albanian civilians,» it says.

Angered by Belgrade’s perceived reluctance to hand over suspects, the United States has suspended financial and political aid to Serbia. (BBC)