Iraks visestatsminister Barham Salih om forsøket på å ødelegge valget:
«In Iraq we have a lethal alliance between former Saddamists and these global Jihadists. Saddam Hussein’s people have taken a lot of money from the Iraqi treasury. We know of the existence of many of these leaders from the former regime in countries like Syria,» he said.

«The former regime elements and these global Jihadists are working together, coordinating attacks and helping each other to instigate terrorist activities across the country.»

Zarqawi, the man blamed for many of the worst bombings, is still on the run. Salih said Zarqawi was working with Saddam’s former henchmen in a highly structured organization that includes former Iraqi special forces.

«We do see a high level of coordination between the former regime loyalists and Zarqawi and the surrogate organizations as part of a coordinated campaign of cooperation, intelligence, providing logistics back and forth,» he said.

«The picture that is emerging is that there is a high command for these terrorist activities. The bulk of the terrorist operations that we have to deal with come from the former regime loyalists.» (reuters)