Indo­ne­sian police said Tues­day they were sear­ching for six men sus­pec­ted of involve­ment in bom­bing attacks on Chris­tian churches in the strife-torn pro­vince of Cen­tral Sula­wesi on the week­end.
Detec­ti­ves had descrip­tions of the six assai­lants from wit­nesses of bomb and gun attacks on the Ema­nuel and Anu­gerah churches in the pro­vin­cial capi­tal Palu, said local police chief Ary­anto Sut­adi.
“They are now being hunted down,” he told AFP.
Sunday’s attacks in a region that has seen spo­ra­dic vio­lence between Chris­ti­ans and Mus­lims since more than 1,000 people died in figh­ting four years ago have raised con­cerns over security ahead of the Chris­t­mas period.

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