I den liberale verden skal ideer bekjempes med ideer. Derfor går Chicago Tribune på lederplass inn for at Tariq Ramadan får komme inn i USA.

Apparently he was barred under a section of the USA Patriot Act, which bars entry to foreigners who have used a «position of prominence . . . to endorse or espouse terrorist activity.»
Såvidt lederskribenten vet har ikke Ramadan støttet Al Qaida, tvertom.

After the Sept. 11 attacks, he insisted that whoever was to blame, «Bin Laden or others, it is necessary to find them and that they be judged.» And, he declares, «I have always condemned the terrorist attacks in New York, Bali, Madrid and elsewhere.»

Kritisk kommentar: den lille tilføyelsen «or others» er ikke så uskyldig som det kan synes om. Det er akkurat slik de uttrykker seg som egentlig ikke er sikker på hvem som gjorde det, eller de vil vise avstand til fordømmelsen.

Noen mener han er en farlig person:

Some critics regard him as an anti-Semitic apologist for extremism. Among them is Daniel Pipes, director of the Middle East Forum, who wrote in Sunday’s Tribune to accuse Ramadan of connections with Al Qaeda, denying Osama bin Laden’s role in the Sept. 11 attacks and defending the March terrorist bombing in Madrid.

Så kommer den «morsomme» kommentaren: selv om han skulle støtte al Qaida, er det ikke grunn for å nekte ham innreise!

Even if he did endorse terrorism, expressing such an opinion doesn’t pose the sort of danger that the Department of Homeland Security should worry about. It’s not illegal, after all, for Americans to express sympathy for Al Qaeda–or the Irish Republican Army or any other violent extremists. Only when such opinions veer into outright incitement to violence does law enforcement intervene.

As a foreigner seeking entry, Ramadan lacks the protection of the 1st Amendment, but that doesn’t justify keeping him out merely because someone finds his beliefs obnoxious. When someone expresses such views, Americans traditionally rely on a better remedy: the vigorous expression of opposing views.

Muslimske ledere i Storbritannia sto i sin tid foran parlamentet og krevde Salman Rushdies død. Mener Chiacago Tribune at man post-911 kan kreve å få adgang til USA hvis man støtter al-Qaida?

Chicago Tribune | A Muslim scholar’s exclusion