Sakset/Fra hofta

Anne Applebaum mener at Tsarnajev-brødrene er USAs svar på de britiske muslimene som sprengte t-banen i London 7/7-2005 eller togene i Madrid i 2004.

Ideen høres besnærende ut. Men gjelder i tilfelle kun for London, for mennene bak Madrid-bombene var profesjonelle voksne jihadister.


Look, instead, at another possibility, one that is in some ways more disturbing than the convenient “foreigners who hate us” explanation. Although very little has been confirmed, the behavior of the Tsarnaev brothers looks less like that of hardened, trained terrorists and far more closely resembles the second-generation European Muslims who staged bombings in Madrid, London and other European cities. Educated and brought up in Europe, these young men nevertheless felt out of place in Europe. Unable to integrate, some turned toward a half-remembered, half-mythological homeland in search of a firmer, fiercer identity. Often they did so with the help of a radical cleric like the one the Tsarnaev brothers may have known. “I do not have a single American friend,” Tamerlan Tsarnaev reportedly said of himself. That’s the kind of statement that might have been made by a young Pakistani living in Coventry, or a young Algerian living in Paris.

We don’t expect to hear it from someone who grew up in Boston, a city that has taught generations of foreigners to become Americans in a country that likes to think of itself as a melting pot. But now it might be time to change our expectations. These terrorists are a lot less like the 9/11 attackers — or the Columbine attackers — and a lot more like the men known as the Tube bombers of London or the train bombers of Spain. Our response is going to have to be different — very different — as well.

Ellers må man spørre: Når ble ensomhet et kriterium for å begå terror? Tamerlan var dessuten ikke ensom, han skaffet seg en amerikansk kone. Tyder ikke det på en ganske utstrakt evne til sosial kontakt, men på egne premisser? Er det premissene det er noe galt med? Er ikke da ensomheten selvpåført?