Amerikanerne gjennomførte langt flere bombeangrep imot ledende baathister i første fase av Irak-krigen enn det som er kjent, skriver NYTimes. De fleste var mislykket og et stort antall sivile skal ha dødd.

Amerikanerne hadde dårlig etterretning. Likevel bombet man, med stor risiko for sivile tap. Noe av mentaliteten minner om inkompetansen man la for dagen etter at krigen var vunnet.

General Moseley, the top Air Force commander during the war who is now the Air Force vice chief of staff, said in the interview last summer that commanders were required to obtain advance approval from Mr. Rumsfeld if any planned airstrike was likely to result in the deaths of 30 more civilians. More than 50 such raids were proposed, and all were approved, General Moseley said.

But raids considered time-sensitive, which included all of those on the high-value targets, were not subject to that constraint, according to current and former military officials. In part for that reason, the report by Human Rights Watch concluded, «attacks on leadership likely resulted in the largest number of civilian deaths from the air war.»

Errors Are Seen in Early Attacks on Iraqi Leaders

Published: June 13, 2004