Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo) fikk Marc Zuckerberg til å innrømme at Facebook samarbeider med Google og Twitter om sensur på nett, selv om Zuckerberg forsøkte å begrense det til terror og mer sikkerhetsrelaterte forhold. Hawley sa han hadde informasjonen fra en varsler som var kjent med programmene.

Hawley said a former Facebook employee «with direct knowledge of the company’s content moderation practices» contacted his office about an «internal platform called Tasks that Facebook uses to coordinate projects, including censorship.»

«The platform reflects censorship input from Google and Twitter, as well,» Hawley alleged. «…Facebook censorship teams communicate with their counterparts at Twitter and Google and then enter those companies’ suggestions for censorship onto the Task platform so that Facebook can follow up with them and effectively coordinate their censorship efforts.»

Facebook bruker også et annet program kalt Centra som kartlegger en persons bevegelser på internett, uavhengig av Facebook.

Hawley also brought up a platform called Centra mentioned in the whistleblower’s complaint. The complaint alleged that Facebook used Centra «to track its users, not just on Facebook, but across the entire internet.»

«Centra tags different profiles that a user visits, their message recipients, their linked accounts [and] the pages they visit around the web that have Facebook buttons,» Hawley said. «Centra also uses behavioral data to monitor users’ accounts, even if they’re registered under a different name.»

Facebook confirmed to FOX Business that the platform used Centrato centralize and aid investigations into complex subjects such as coordinated inauthentic behavior.


Hawley presses Zuckerberg on whistleblower complaint alleging Facebook coordination with Twitter, Google

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