Et SAS-fly med 72 passasjerer fra London til Stockholm måtte lande i Gøteborg på grunn av en bombetrussel som ble ringt inn mens flyet var i luften. Passasjerer og kabinpersonale ble trygt evakuert og fikk senere utdelt gratis matbonger.  En britisk passasjer la bildet ut på Twitter og beskrev hendelsesforløpet:


He tweeted a selfie while pulling a worried face, saying: ‘Took off for Stockholm, just landed in Gothenburg… this could get interesting. Anyone know what’s happening?

‘Plane came down quickly, parked straight up at the end of the runway. Crew and captain is on the bus with us #Iffy.’

He later posted: ‘Soooo, it was a bomb threat/scare.

‘We are all safe and off the plane, big shout out to the pilot and crew for keeping their cool!’

After disembarking, Mr Onslow-Cole tweeted a picture of his meal voucher given to him while he waits at Gothenburg airport which rather bluntly stated the reason for it being issued was a ‘bomb’