I morgentimene idag ble Gatwick evakuert etter at en person ble arrestert med en «granat i bagen». Et øyevitne overhørte at det ville bli nødvendig med en kontrollert eksplosjon. Beredskapen er naturligvis på topp etter terroren i Paris. Politiet har bekreftet arrestasjonen. Veiene rundt terminalen er avstengt. Geografilærer Tim Unwin gir oppdateringer på Twitter.

Gatwick North Terminal has been evacuated after a terror scare involving a ‘suspicious article’, with bomb disposal experts called to the scene and one eyewitness reporting that there will be a ‘controlled explosion’.

Meanwhile, travellers at the South Terminal are being prevented from leaving as police deal with the incident, according to Twitter users on the scene.

Witnesses said that armed police arrested a man at the North Terminal with a ‘grenade in a bag’ and screamed ‘get down, get down’ before they restrained him.

Eyewitness Tim Unwin, a geography lecturer, tweeted that the north terminal is in a ‘shutdown situation’ and that he’d overheard there ‘might be need for controlled explosion’.

Mari Reynolds tweeted that she’d heard people at the airport, Britain’s second biggest, saying that a ‘hand grenade’ had been found, though police have not confirmed this. It was reported at one point that the suspect was in possession of a gun.



Alle måtte ut i regnet. De har senere blitt flyttet til hotellene i nærheten.

Passasjerene har blitt fortalt at det vil ta minst en time til før de får lov til å returnere til terminalen.

Oppdatering: Terror at Gatwick: Frenchman arrested in airport car park ‘had TWO guns in his possession and was held after sprinting away from check-in and throwing one into a rubbish bin’
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