Den islamske stat er en trussel mot alle de kristne i Midtøsten har erkebiskopen av Canterbury oppdaget. I dagens gudstjeneste kalte han IS «vår tids Herodes»  en referanse til kong Herodes av Judea som beordret at alle guttebarn i og rundt Betlehem skulle drepes. Erkebiskopen uttalte:

Isis is “igniting a trail of fear, violence, hatred and determined oppression. Confident that these are the last days, using force and indescribable cruelty, they seem to welcome all opposition, certain that the warfare unleashed confirms that these are indeed the end times.

“They hate difference, whether it is Muslims who think differently, Yazidis or Christians, and because of them the Christians face elimination in the very region in which Christian faith began. This apocalypse is defined by themselves and heralded only by the angel of death.”


Justin Welby – erkebiskopen av Canterbury

Men erkebiskopen mener at rettferdigheten vil seire:

“To all who have been or are being dehumanised by the tyranny and cruelty of a Herod or an Isis, a Herod of today, God’s judgment comes as good news, because it promises justice.”

The Guardian