En EU-tjenestemann sier til the Guardian at et størrre terrorangrep vil ramme Europa som følge av angrepene mot ISIS i Midtøsten.

EU-ledelsen venter at det kommer et angrep, men de aner ikke hvordan de skal takle truslene, sier tjenestemannen.

The official said Europe was scrambling to deal with the threat of hundreds and possibly thousands of Islamist fighters returning to the European Union from combat in Iraq and Syria with plans to carry out large-scale attacks in the union.

“It is pre-programmed,” the official told the newspaper. “We have clear signals that this is what the foreign fighters are doing. This is the main threat we are facing.”

He added that EU leaders were “very aware and very frightened of this” and currently did not have an effective strategy in place to deal with the threat. “They all fear this could be totally out of control. It may already be too late.”

The EU’s anti-terrorism chief also warned Friday that Europe’s support for the aerial campaign against the Islamic State group would likely lead to attempts at retaliation by Muslim extremists.
“I think we have to acknowledge that it will,” Gilles de Kerchove told the BBC.

“That was clear with the French because three days ago (Islamic State) issued a statement saying there would be retaliation against the coalition. A French man was kidnapped in Algeria and he has been beheaded. So…sadly enough, they did what they announced.”



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