Titalls mennesker ble drept eller såret i ny terrorangrep i Kinas utsatte provins Xinjiang, meldte Xinhua tirsdag.

Dozens of people were killed or wounded in a terrorist attack in Kashgar prefecture in a new episode of violence in China’s conflict-ridden northwestern Xinjiang region, the official Xinhua news agency reported Tuesday.

The attack, which was not reported until Tuesday, began on Monday near the police station and other government buildings in the town of Elixku, where a group of people armed with knives carried out a series of assaults.

Later, some of the attackers headed for the nearby town of Huangdi, where they stabbed civilians and destroyed about 30 vehicles, «killing dozens of Uighurs and Han Chinese,» police said.

Security forces managed to kill a large number of the dozens of attackers, Xinhua said.

The attack reported on Tuesday coincided with the feast held at the end of Ramadan, a celebration fraught with controversy in China this year after it was announced that the communist regime prohibited some residents of Xinjiang, mainly government officials and children, from undertaking the required daylight fasting during the Muslim holy month.