IDF, den israelske hæren, har satt i gang en bakkeoperasjon for å nøytralisere tunneler som går inn i Israel. Det er forskjell på en operasjon og en invasjon, men det kan være at operasjonen utvides.

After ordering ground troops into Gaza, the Prime Minister’s Office says in a statement that Netanyahu and Ya’alon instructed the IDF to be prepared for an expansion of ground operations as part of its attack on Hamas terror tunnels in the Gaza Strip.

“Through terror tunnels such as these, Hamas terrorists infiltrated Israeli territory early this morning with the aim of carrying out mass terrorist attacks against Israeli citizens,” the Prime Ministers Office says.

The green light for ground ops in the Gaza Strip was given by the cabinet after Israel agreed to an Egyptian ceasefire proposal which Hamas rejected and afterward launched rockets at Israel, the PMO says. It also pointed at Hamas’s abrogation of the humanitarian truce agreed to for earlier on Thursday.

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