Det er verdt å ta med hva EU og Europarådet sier om Gaza. De vil ha i pose og sekk: fordømmer både rakettene og uforholdsmessig respons. Men slikt blir det ikke politikk av.

Hvordan skulle Israel innrette seg hvis de tok kritikken til følge? Dette er ren sinnelagsmoral for å ha ren samvittighet. Ubrukelig som anvisning på en praktisk politikk.

For å få den i gang må man sette ting i bevegelse: noen premisser må oppfylles. Våpenhvile inntreffer når Hamas ikke orker mer, eller rettere: befolkningen. Men det sier ingenting om løsninger. For å skape løsninger må man tørre mene noe om dynamikken, og det tør hverken EU eller Europarådet. De driver med strømmen.

Slik undergraver de også sin egen autoritet.

The European Union says that Israel has a right to protect itself against missiles from Gaza but calls on the army to act “proportionately” and to avoid civilian casualties.

The European Council, the body comprising the member states’ heads of state and government, “condemns the firing of rockets from Gaza into Israel and the indiscriminate targeting of civilians,” it says in a statement. “Israel has the right to protect its population from this kind of attacks. In doing so, it must act proportionately and ensure the protection of civilians at all times.”

The council “deeply deplores the loss of innocent lives and the high number of wounded civilians in the Gaza Strip as a result of Israeli military operations and is deeply concerned about the rapid and dramatic deterioration of the humanitarian situation,” the statement continues. “The European Council calls on both sides to deescalate the situation, to end the violence, to end the suffering of the civilian populations notably by allowing access to humanitarian assistance, and return to calm.”

The European leaders welcome ongoing efforts to broker a ceasefire and calls on Hamas to agree to such a ceasefire.

“Israelis and Palestinians need to make the strategic choice of peace in order to allow their future generations to live lives freed from past conflicts and to enjoy the stability, security and prosperity which they are currently being denied,” the statement reads.

Bill Clinton jamrer seg på samme måte:

Former US president Bill Clinton is warning Israel about “isolating itself from world opinion” due to the lack of a “viable” peace process with the Palestinians.

More than 220 Palestinians, most of them civilians, have died during 10 days of Israeli bombing and shelling in Gaza in retaliation for over 1,300 rocket attacks on Israeli population centers by Hamas fighters.

“Over the long run it is not good for Israel to keep isolating itself from world opinion because of the absence of a viable peace process,” Clinton tells the Indian NDTV news channel on Wednesday.

“In the short to medium term, Hamas can inflict terrible public relations damage on Israel by forcing it to kill Palestinian civilians to counter Hamas,” he adds.

Hamas has a “strategy designed to force Israel to kill their own (Palestinian) civilians so the rest of the world will condemn them [Israel],” while Israel couldn’t “look like fools” by not responding to the heavy missile attacks.

Clinton, who pushed hard while president for a comprehensive peace deal at a Camp David summit in 2000, urges Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to resume serious talks.

“I believe that Prime Minister Netanyahu could and should make a comprehensive peace agreement with the Palestinians,” he says, adding that he believes 60 percent of Israelis would support him.

The objective of all should be “a peace process that gets Israel security recognition and peace and that gets the Palestinians their state,” he says.

– AFP and Times of Israel staff

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