Iran har allerede sendt to bataljoner fra Revolusjonsgarden til Irak og tilbyr underhånden USA et samarbeid for å slå tilbake ISIS.

Det et nærmest umulig valg: mellom Iran og ISIS. De fleste vil velge Iran. Men prisen kan bli en iransk atombombe. Iranerne er smarte. De ser en sjanse og griper den, selv om utgangspunktet er krise. For Irak og shiaene der.

Reports emerged that two battalions of Iran’s feared Revolutionary Guards were already in the country, where the government’s forces have shown little stomach for combat. Iran’s willingness to put troops on the front line will give it a strategic advantage in Iraq over America, which at most would offer only air strikes. The US State Department last night ruled out “boots on the ground”.

The developments of the past 72 hours raises the prospect of two bitter enemies – Iran and America – fighting the same foe, albeit for different goals.

Det gikk ikke lenge før en iransk kilde tilbød USA samarbeid.


A senior Iranian official has told Reuters that the leadership of the Shia state is discussing possible cooperation with Washington in providing support to Iraq government in its battle with al-Qaeda-inspired militants.

The Islamic Republic is reportedly planning to send its neighbour advisers and arms, although probably not troops, to help Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki push back fighters from ISIS, the breakaway Sunni al-Qaeda group.

«We can work with Americans to end the insurgency in the Middle East,» the official said, referring to the crisis in Iraq.

«We are very influential in Iraq, Syria and many other countries.»

ISIS is one of the key players in the battle to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, a key Iranian ally, and its regional rise has rattled Tehran.

«The danger of extremist Sunni terrorist in Iraq and the region is increasing … There have been several high-ranking security meetings since yesterday in Tehran,» the official said.

«We are on alert and we also follow the developments in Iraq very closely.»