Julia Timosjenko sier at Vladimir Putin ikke kommer til å stanse før noen gjør noe med det, og så langt har ikke Vesten vist viljen som skal til. Washington Post.


How do you see the situation on Ukraine’s border? Do you think [Russian] President [Vladimir] Putin will stop?

I do not believe that Putin will stop.

I think that Putin sees himself as the leader of the world, who dictates the new world order. He wants to break the stability that has been established in the world. He attempted to impose his aggressive leadership to the world when he invaded Georgia. However, the world interpreted that as if it was a local story. Later on, he started unifying around himself dictators of the world by giving them an umbrella of protection. He resumed his influence in Syria. And then he continued his plan in Ukraine.

With the annexation of Crimea?

Crimea and then the south and eastern borders. I think his goal is to absorb the whole of Ukraine.

Do you think he will get it?

I think it all will depend on what the Western democratic world will be doing. I am convinced that Putin understands only the language of force. Whether he will continue terrorizing the civilized world will depend on how much force is used to stop him.

So sanctions are not going to stop him?

I think the sanctions must be strong enough to threaten the economic and financial stability of Russia. I have got the impression that this is the level of sanctions for which the Western world is not ready. It seems to me that both the United States and the E.U. underestimate the real threat of this situation.

What did you think about the Geneva meeting?

I think the Geneva agreement will not be executed by Putin. Putin must [believe he is] deceiving the entire civilized world when he says there are no Russian military troops over there in the east, just as before he said there were no Russian troops in Crimea. I am convinced that Putin will go as far as the Western world will allow him to go.