Martin Kramer ironiserer over utenriksminister John Kerrys sterke fordømmelse av volden i Egypt:

John Kerry “strongly condemns” the “deplorable” events in Egypt and calls for end of the state of emergency. The US remains “at the ready” to find a “peaceful, democratic way forward,” etc. etc.  As if it mattered. In Egypt, it’s a zero-sum game, and losers either die or wind up in the darkest prison. (Mubarak’s end was an object lesson.) So the US and the EU will huff and puff, just as they have over Syria. But their stake in this doesn’t come close to that of Al-Sisi and the generals or the Muslim Brothers, and they’ll never impose real sanctions, since Egypt as a society is already on the brink. (The Gulf Arabs are the regime’s mainstays anyway.) So get used to America’s new role in the Middle East: the Great Spectator.