Under et besøk på Bentley-fabrikken ble statsminister David Cameron spurt av arbeiderne hvorfor han tillater innvandring som tynger velferdsordningene, mens andre må slite for å betale skattene.

Cameron sa han var helt enig. Innvandring tynger offentlige budsjetter.

For bare få dager siden advarte en offentlig etat om at Storbritannia trenger syv millioner innvandrere frem mot 2040 hvis sysselsetting og skatteinngang skal ivaretas.

the Office for Budget Responsibility warned Britain would need millions more immigrants in the coming decades to offset the effects of an ageing population…

Earlier this month, an OBR report warned an extra seven million migrants would be needed over the next 50 years to balance the effects of an ageing population.

The figure is equal to 140,000 migrants per year.

The report concluded that without a fresh wave of immigration  to boost employment and tax receipts, Britain’s public finances could become ‘unsustainable’.

The OBR’s analysis suggests that Britain’s borrowing as a proportion of GDP would rise to 99 per cent  if there is a steady flow of immigrants. But if there was a complete ban on immigrants, borrowing would rise to 174 per cent of GDP.


Men Cameron godtok ikke dette regnestykket da han besøkte Bentley-fabrikken:

During a question and answer session with workers at the headquarters of Bentley Motors in Crewe, Mr Cameron was asked why Britain lets in immigrants who are a ‘constant drain’ while others ‘work hard’.

He replied: ‘I basically agree with you. There are some benefits from being a country that welcomes people who want to come here and work hard.

‘But in the last decade we have had an immigration policy that’s completely lax. The pressure it puts on our public services and communities is too great.’

But he added: ‘I want to see it [net migration] coming down faster.

Under valgkampen i 2010 lovte Cameron å redusere innvandringen fra 200.000 i året til noen titusen. Men innstrammingen har vist seg vanskelig å gjennomføre: koalisjonspartneren Liberaldemokratene stritter imot og EU legger kjelker i veien.

Last year the number of immigrants dropped by 89,000 to 153,000.