En hemmelig politirapport som bladet Le Point offentliggjør deler av, bekrefter at det forekom både stenkasting mot politi og redningspersonell, og tyveri fra ofrene for en av de verste togulykker i Frankrike på 25 år.

Callous, opportunistic thieves from Brétigny-sur-Orge, where a train derailed killing six people last Friday, threw stones at police and rescue workers and stole possessions from accident victims, an explosive new police document has alleged.


The contents of the document, revealed by Le Point magazine on Thursday, said individuals from the southern Paris suburb “hampered the progress of rescue vehicles by throwing projectiles at them.”

Hundreds of police and paramedics rushed to the scene last Friday after an Intercity train from Paris to Limoges derailed in the station in Bretigny, leaving six dead and dozens of passengers injured, nine of them critical.

Riot police, who were out in force to secure the area around the scene of the intercity train accident, had to push back the individuals, the report said.

“Certain trouble-makers had succeeded in seizing personal possessions scattered on the ground or on the victims themselves,” says the document from the CRS (Compagnies Républicaines de Sécurité), a unit of the French National Police.


Det største politiforbundet har fått mye kritikk for å gå ut med opplysninger om plyndring og stenkasting. Nå får de støtte av en internrapport i politiet.

Spørsmålet om plyndring/stenkasting er politisk meget sensitivt.

Flere journalister som var på stedet rapporterte om at det skjedde. Men Røde Kors var raskt ute med å benekte at noe irregulært forekom.

Immediately following the crash, many journalists who were on the scene reported the rock throwing, but this was later downplayed by Red Cross and ambulance service officials who said they were able to work in a “totally normal fashion”.

Nå forlanger en politiker fra regionen svar fra myndighetene på hva som egentlig har foregått. Forsøker noen å legge lokk på ubehagelige sannheter, spør Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet.


On Friday, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, the MP for the Essonne region, where the accident took place, demanded an explanation over the reports.

Morizet said she felt «disgust and horror» on reading the report. «There is a vulturistic side to this incident – people trying to take advantage of a tragic situation.

«We were told [by the Minister of Transport] that this was an isolated incident. But it now appears more serious than that. If the government has tried to cover this up, its a real problem,» the candidate for mayor of Paris added.