Undersøkelser viser at en sporskifter var defekt slik at toget Paris-Limoges sporet av.

Et metallstykke festet med fire bolter gjør at skifteren fungerer. Tre av fire var løse. Jernbanefolk har aldri opplevd noe lignende. Mistanken om sabotasje styrkes.

Here’s a photo of the track that caused the derailment of the Paris-Limoges train near Brétigny-sur-Orge. You can clearly see that a piece is missing between the rails. The piece, called an «éclisse» in French, is a sort of wedge or splint that holds the rails together. The experts, engineers, and union leaders say such a piece has never come apart on its own. It had to be the work of criminals. The photo is from François Desouche, and I will have more on this story tomorrow. Some have expressed astonishment at the swiftness with which the government acted to cover up the strong possibility of a crime. Also, four «young persons» were arrested. The cell phone of one of them contained a message in which the following question was asked: «Did you find anything in the baggage?» An indication that they had been looting the belongings of the victims.



Mediene trår ytterst varsomt, både om den angivelige plyndringen av ofre og mistankene om sabotasje. Men en slik hendelse er så alvorlig at fakta må på bordet. Alt annet vil bare øke spekulasjoner og rykter.