En ny meningsmåling viser fortsatt ledelse for Obama, med 49 mot 45 prosent, men Romney leder blant uavhengige, og det er en avgjørende gruppe.

The poll once again found Obama buoyed by his support among women — female likely voters chose Obama over Romney by an 18-point margin. Nationally, Obama was ahead 49-45 percent.
But Romney continued to have the advantage among men. And among crucial independents, he was leading 47-45 percent.
On the issues, those surveyed trusted Romney more than Obama to deal with the budget deficit. But on everything from health care to national security to the economy, they picked Obama — though on the economy, Obama was picked over Romney by just 1 percentage point.
The poll of 1,912 likely voters was taken Sept. 25-30. It had a margin of error of 2.2 percentage points.

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