Et flertall amerikanere ser sørstatsflagget som symbol på stolthet, ikke rasisme, viser en ny meningsmåling.


Fifty-seven percent of Americans continue to believe the Confederate flag is a symbol of Southern pride and not racism, according to a new CNN/ORC poll, but the opinions are divided sharply along racial lines.

The opinion on the flag remains about the same as it was 15 years ago, when 59 percent said they saw the flag as a sign of pride, the random poll of 1,017 Americans revealed, reports CNN.

The opinions were not only divided by race, but also, among whites, by education, with people who have more formal education being less likely to see the flag as a symbol of pride.

Among African-Americans, who were represented by 303 people in the poll, 72 percent said the flag is a sign of racism, but only 25 percent of the whites surveyed by CNN agreed.

And in the South, the racial divide was even wider, with 75 percent of Southern whites saying the flag symbolizes pride and 18 percent saying it was a sign of racism. The figures were reversed among the Southern African-Americans polled, with 11 percent seeing it as a sign of pride and 75 percent as racism.

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