En ny måling fra Gallup viser at seks av ti amerikanere er fed up med den ensidige dekningen av valgkampen i Obamas favør. 40 % er fornøyd. Forskjellen på 20 % har aldri vært større. Det er særlig «uavhengige» som er misfornøyde.

Det kan bety at meningsmålingene slett ikke er så pålitelige som mediene later som.

This just in from the Gallup organization: Americans’ distrust of the media has just hit a  new record, with six in 10 Americans saying they have «little or no trust in the mass media to report the news fully, accurately, and fairly.» Forty percent say they have a «great deal» or a «fair amount» of trust, and I assume this is the same crowd who approve of the job Congress is doing. Where do they find these people?

Gallup says the 20-point difference between positive and negative views of the media is «by far» the highest Gallup has seen since it began asking the question in the 1990s. Among those who trust the media, 58 percent identify themselves as Democrats; 26 percent as Republicans; and most interestingly, 31 percent as independents. That means 69 percent of independents don’t trust the media. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand the implications of that:

This year’s decline in media trust is driven by independents and Republicans. Independents are sharply more negative compared with 2008, suggesting the group that is most closely divided between President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney is quite dissatisfied with its ability to get fair and accurate news coverage of this election.

Norske journalister er ekko av de amerikanske, og skaper et inntrykk av at det ikke finnes noe annet show i byen enn Obama. Mye tyder på at fremhevingen av den ene kandidaten, kombinert med nedrakkinge av den andre, frembringer en reaksjon hos velgere som er i tvil. Og det er disse – såkalte independents – som kan bli avgjørende for utfalltet.

Den overveldende positive dekningen av Obamas valgkamp kan dermed bidra til å fremmedgjøre og skyve velgerne fra Obama, paradoksalt, men logisk nok.

On the NBC News homepage for politics, there is a chart looking the number of mentions of each candidate on social media: As of yesterday, 30 percent who state an intention to vote for a candidate on social media sites intend to vote for Obama; 38 percent intend to vote for Romney. There have been nearly 33,000 opinions expressed about Obama: Of those, 40 percent are positive, 60 percent negative. Regarding Romney, 21,500 opinions have been posted: 51 percent positive, 49 percent negative. If these numbers are accurate, it tells me this: People aren’t agreeing with what they’re seeing and hearing from the mainstream media. And they feel strongly enough to post something online about it.


Americans Are Sick of Media’s Pro-Obama Bias