President Mohamed Morsi fryktet koptere i USA ville demonstrere mot ham utenfor FN-bygningen og hans folk skal ha truet med at det ville få konsekvenser for kopterne i Egypt.

While Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood president allowed Muslims to «demonstrate» by attacking the U.S. embassy in Cairo—all in the name of a YouTube movie—human rights activist Magdi Khalil says he has evidence that President Muhammad Morsi’s administration is threatening the Coptic church in Egypt with «retaliatory measures» if Copts outside of Egypt dare demonstrate against him during his upcoming speech in front of the UN General Assembly, scheduled for September 26.

Describing such threats as «cheap blackmail» meant to silence Christians from exposing the suffering of their coreligionists in Egypt, Khalil called on Copts and others in America not to succumb to Morsi’s demands, but instead to respond to them by appearing and demonstrating in large numbers.