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Daniel Hannan var på republikanernes landsmøte. Hans beskrivelse av mediene passer til det bildet norske medier tegner av kandidatene.

Many Europeans wonder why Mr Obama is not comfortably ahead. Most media, both within the US and abroad, portray him as a serene statesman being shouted at by angry Tea Partiers in 18th-century fancy dress. Viewed solely through the medium of a television screen, he seems bigger than his Republican critics. They are presented as a gaggle of anti-abortionists, stump-toothed mountain men and crackpots hoarding gold against the presumed collapse of paper currencies – an extremist coalition led by a plutocrat. Seen from abroad, it looks like an election between Dr Hibbert and Montgomery Burns.

Valgkampen burde dreiet seg om økonomi:

There are no superlatives that can adequately convey what a $16 trillion national debt means. But Americans don’t need to wrap their minds around the statistics to know that they are worse off than they were 12 months ago, and will be yet worse off 12 months from now.
The real question is not why Mr Obama isn’t comfortably ahead, but why Mr Romney isn’t. When 64 per cent of Americans say that they expect their standard of living to decline under Mr Obama, and when Mr Romney enjoys a 19-point lead on economic competence, the election ought to be a walkover. Why isn’t it?

Det er lettere å snakke om en forsnakkelse a la Todd Akin enn de harde økonomiske realitetene. Derfor er kulturkrigen en kjærkommen avledning.

Focused as we are on what the Chancellor calls the “chilling effect” of the euro crisis, we rarely consider the possibility of a similar crisis in the United States. Yet, if we employ the measure used to calculate the Maastricht criteria, the US has a larger national debt than Greece’s. And whereas a Greek default might be managed as a controlled explosion, a collapse in the US would blow the world economy to splinters.
Whether Mitt Romney can eliminate the deficit is not clear. What is beyond doubt, though, is that Mr Obama cannot. His four years have left America poorer, less happy and less free. As Clint Eastwood told Republican delegates: “Politicians are employees of ours – and if somebody does not do the job, we gotta let ’em go.”

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