I februar var det sannheten om revolusjonen mot Hosni Mubarak. Nå er det sannheten om undertrykkelsen av de kristne. Den sitter litt lenger inne, men den kommer frem.

Selv Dagsrevy-verten brukte det farlige m-ordet i direkte spørsmål til Sigurd Falkenberg Mikkelsen. Mye kan endre seg på kort tid.

New York Times har en side The Lede, som følger blogger og twitterkontoer.

Sarah Carr, a blogger and human rights advocate who lives and works in Cairo, was present from the start of the protest march. As events unfolded, she used her Twitter feed to file a series of text reports and photographs from the streets.

In one update, written from a Coptic Christian hospital where wounded protesters had been rushed for treatment, Ms. Carr placed blame for the violence squarely on the military.

In a longer account of what she witnessed for the English-language edition of the independent Egyptian newspaper Al-Masry Al-Youm, Ms. Carr wrote that the violence had spiraled out of control just as protesters neared Maspiro, the building that is home to Egyptian state television, on Sunday evening. After shots were fired in the air, Ms. Carr wrote:

Suddenly, there was a great surge of people moving back, and something strange happened. Two armored personnel carriers began driving at frightening speed through protesters, who threw themselves out of its path. A soldier on top of each vehicle manned a gun, and spun it wildly, apparently shooting at random although the screams made it difficult to discern exactly where the sound of gunfire was coming from.

It was like some brutal perversion of the military show the armed forces put on for the 6th of October celebration three days before. The two vehicles zigzagged down the road outside Maspiro underneath the 6th of October Bridge and then back in synchronicity, the rhythm for this particular parade provided by the “tac tac tac” of never-ending gunfire, the music the screams of the protesters they drove directly at.

And then it happened: an APC mounted the island in the middle of the road, like a maddened animal on a rampage. I saw a group of people disappear, sucked underneath it. It drove over them.

En egyptisk blogger og journalist, Hossam el-Hamalawy, kunne fortelle at egyptisk TV ba folk gå ut på gatene og forsvare hæren mot de kristne. En helt usannsynlig historie. Også Falkenberg Mikkelsen hadde den. En slik oppfordring forteller at det ikke bare er hæren, men statsapparatet som mobiliseres mot de kristne.

Mr. Hamalawy also reported on his blog that while state television blamed protesters for the violence, and “even called on the citizens to take to the streets to ‘protect the army,’” the authorities seemed intent on suppressing more critical reporting. As events were still unfolding, the military raided two independent television channels, forcing them to suddenly end their live broadcasts of the chaotic scenes.

En egyptisk-amerikansk advokat Hani Bushra, var øyenvitne. Han er kristen og da han fortalte dette til politiet ba de ham holde munn. Han var ikke trygg selv blant 400 politifolk.

Another witness who posted live updates to Twitter on Sunday night’s violence was an Egyptian-American lawyer named Hani Bushra. In a longer account of what he witnessed posted on Facebook, Mr. Bushra, who is a Coptic Christian, wrote that, after he was attacked by a mob of men in plain clothes who cursed him for his religion and stole his phone, he showed a police commander his American passport and demanded protection.

I was assigned a young officer to protect me. My phone was gone, and they wanted to protect me until it was safe. I met two young officers, a first and second lieutenants, who were very respectful and were concerned for me. I told them that I hope that when they grew in their rank, they would always remain this professional….

I mentioned that I was a Christian being attacked by a mob, and the officers told me that I should not mention that I am a Christian because they may not be able to protect me. This was in the midst of at least 400 members of the police! At that point, I was assigned two handlers to stay with me at all times.

I stayed with the [police] units and observed the following:

1) Four bodies in the lobby of an apartment building that the Egyptian ambulances could not carry because the blood was everywhere and because some of the bodies were in pieces. When I asked my [police] companions (we had became friends) about the bodies, they told me it was three Christians and one Muslim shot by the army and driven over using a humvee (yep, my tax dollars in action, btw, the U.S. gives two billion dollars a year as aid to the Egyptian military).

2) The members of the [police] were armed with live ammunition, and the order was given in front of me.

3) One of the [police] companions told me that he beat senseless a Christian man he arrested because it was said that this man was carrying a gun and shooting the people.

4) The army and not the police were the ones attacking the protesters. In fact, the police was not doing anything.

Historiene gir grunn til stor bekymring for de kristnes og Egypts fremtid.

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