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Melanie Phillips har lest Paul Bermans Flight of the Intellectuals. Hun konstaterer at han påviser den direkte forbindelse mellom islamistene under Hassan al Banna og fascisme og nazisme. Det er en forbindelse som etterkommeren Tariq Ramadan skjuler og unngår, og dermed greier han ikke se eller ta avstand fra sammenhengen mellom fascisme og dagens islamistiske terror. Den er klar og tydelig.

What Berman shows up so brutally about Ramadan, the grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood Hassan al Banna, is that he is the direct heir – both familially and intellectually – not only to the ideologues of jihadi Islamism but also to the axis of European fascism. Drawing on accounts already published of the alliance between the Brotherhood and the Nazis during the 1930s and 1940s — an alliance centred in the person of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Amin al Husseini — Berman emphasises the shared aim of both the Nazis and the Brotherhood of destroying the Jews. While a number of Arabs and Muslims condemned the Axis and even fought on the side of the Allies, Hassan al Banna supported the Mufti, calling upon the Arab League in 1946 to welcome the Mufti’s escape from his enemies in Europe as having a divine purpose – namely to defeat ‘Zionism’ just as Hitler had attempted to do.

And as Berman points out, whereas in other parts of the world the supporters of the Axis went down to defeat after World War Two, the Arab zone

ended up as the only region in the entire planet in which a criminal on the fascist side of the war, and a major ideologue to boot, returned home in glory instead of disgrace. In that one region of the world, the old categories of supernatural phantasmagory about Jews and conspiracies continued to reign over the political imagination of huge and powerful political movements like the Muslim Brotherhood, and other movements as well.

Yet as Berman goes on to show, Tariq Ramadan fails totally to repudiate this aspect of his grandfather’s history. Quoting Caroline Fourest, he dwells on her disclosure that Ramadan actively misleads by omitting to mention al Banna’s admiration for Mussolini or invocation of the German Reich. He goes on to emphasise how Ramadan also supports the supporters of mass murder of Jews and others – venerating the ‘spiritual leader’ of the Brotherhood, Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi, who has boasted that he is

‘the enemy of Israel and the Mufti of martyrdom operations’

and that he will

‘shoot Allah’s enemies, the Jews’.

Devastatingly, Berman concludes about Ramadan’s prevarications and obfuscations over terrorist violence:

The whole problem lies in the terrible fact that his personal milieu – his grandfather and his father, his family contacts, his intellectual tradition – is precisely the milieu that bears the principal responsibility for generating the modern theory of religious suicide-terror.

…Ramadan’s final message, therefore…is a message in four parts. To wit: 1) Ramadan condemns terrorism. 2) he wants to understand terrorism, though not to justify it. 3) He understands terrorism so tenderly that he ends up justifying it. 4) He justifies it so thoroughly that he ends up defending it.

And then just as devastatingly, Berman shows in unsparing detail

how systematically Ramadan’s avoidances are themselves avoided in the friendly publicity that comes his way.

Løgnen tar enda en omdreining når aviser som Aftenposten roser Tariq Ramadan. Eller når vestlige intellektuelle lar seg charmere av ham. Det gjør løgnen ugjennomtrengelig.

Men Berman har gjennomboret den, og får det får han gjennomgå.

Men ikke av Melanie Phillips.

Paul Berman rides into battle

Det er stundom interessant å lese kommentarene. Signaturen Gareth skriver:

There are so many good books about the ‘left-liberal-progressive’ intelligentsia these days it’s hard to keep up. I’ve gone in the last 4 or 5 years from being someone who might pick up Time magazine in the airport or watch some BBC or CNN news, or indeed catch an Al Gore or David Cameron movie to being in a subculture of people who can’t abide their doublespeak anymore.

On a brighter note – the internet and it’s global ‘cross pollination’ is producing so many exciting and quality developments amongst individuals in every field of human endeavour that the corporate control freaks and do-gooders of the tenured ‘elite’ are going to lose out – at some point, to market forces.

Christopher Horner’s book «Power Grab» about green (proxy for red these days) issues is fantastic, and also I recommend Michelle Malkin’s book on Obama and his astonishingly corrupt cronies – the truth is stranger than fiction. She is of Filipino extraction and quite small, pretty and petite but she packs a hell of a punch – (unlike Paxman and Peston who leave you none the wiser after hundreds of pages)